Written February 2023…

20 Years… for longer than half my lifetime so far, I’ve been privileged to teach - and have loved it so much!

For quite a while, I have remembered a very significant date incorrectly. Only a search through my journals and records today made clear that the true 20-year anniversary of my music teaching career start is February 24th, 2023… and NOT in March. ❤️🎹

I plan to add more to this post gradually as I recall and consider stories to share, memories, thoughts, impressions, and photos from these amazing TWO DECADES working the job that gives me the opportunity to teach my favorite musicians, and helping them share their music skills with others in their lives and their homes!

I am so proud of my students, and am absolutely beyond thankful for the wonderful families who have made lessons possible for the young ones, as well as the teens and adults who have engaged in learning new or refreshed skills in piano! ❤️

It’s interesting reflecting on so many years in one career path - I’m not the same teacher or business owner that I was 20, 15, 10, 5, or even 1 year ago in some ways. A lot happens in those timeframes… we learn, grow, tweak, adjust, handle things in new ways, try and fail, try and succeed, and either complicate or simplify situations, while handling procedures and methods differently.

As long as I do my best for each student, and make our interactions and communication and music learning as encouraging and engaging and reasonable as I can - even with some situations no one could have anticipated - I can be proud of my part in this amazing journey! Thank you for the adventures, and for participating in learning and practicing and growing as musicians as I’ve learned and practiced and grown as your family’s piano teacher and small town music lessons studio!

I am looking forward to many more amazing years ahead with the piano and my students at Small Town Music Lessons! Maybe 80 more years, to make it an even 100?

Please share your stories, photos, and memories with me when you have time! 🎼🎹🎵

Journal Entry - 2/24/2003…

“Today at 4:00, I will be teaching my first piano student. She is my neighbor, 5 years old, and so smart. I went to her house yesterday to play with her and she can carry on the most intelligent conversations! I'm sure we'll have fun together. I went with her mom to the music store to pick out books that are for non-readers, which was pretty hard, but we finally decided on a great set. I haven't played from a lesson method book in about 4 years, I almost forgot what it's like.”

Journal Entry - 2/25/2003…

“The piano lesson went really well! In fact, she went home and showed her entire family what she had learned and she loves the idea of me writing in an assignment book what she needs to practice! I hope I'll be able to teach more musicians as time goes on! It's so much fun seeing them have fun playing the piano.”

When playing my piano or keyboard, the notes in my head just flows through my fingers. I love the fact that music is full of emotion, can tell a story, and the saying fits perfectly… “Where words fail, music speaks.” I’m not really a fan of overused quotes, but often, that one just makes sense to me.

I am tremendously thankful for every student, every lesson I’m privileged to teach, and every time that I can grab a few minutes to play the piano too. Sometimes, I’ll play eyes closed. Sometimes, I’ll play with the lights off. Sometimes, I’ll play picturing that I’m playing for someone (could be anyone) in particular. I always end up playing something different than I intended to play when I sat down.

My piano is 107 years old now. I have been reading music for 29 of my 35 years. And now, I have been a piano teacher for 20 years. When my very amazing, supportive Dad suggested I give teaching a try and begin to advertise my new studio at the age of 15, I never imagined what it would someday become. Both my parents made it possible, and have always encouraged and guided me through these endeavors! Their joy through the years at seeing how much I love this has made the long hours practicing and the challenges while teaching an even easier passion for me!

I never could have anticipated the satisfaction and joy I feel in seeing my students love their lessons and successes. When they struggle with a skill or concept, it is my mission to figure out a new or fresh way to tackle the topic and help them learn and grow in a better approach. I don’t just get to meet my favorite musicians weekly… I get to see their joy, excitement, fascination, and diligence. I get to see them climb mountains and fly to new heights! Hehe! Having taught students over the years from ages 3-90+, I can truly say I have the best job in the world… and it means the world to me! Thank you for being part of this journey, whether you have been part of the studio in person or have watched from afar…

I am grateful for you all!