Testimonial: Marissa S.

  Thursday, February 1, 2018 | Testimonials

January 18, 2016 - via facebook...

  • I recommend Kristin not only beacuae she's an amazing teacher, but she genuinely care about you. She is willing to work with you and teach you at the rate you are capable of, she never gives up on you, she's always open to questions and to help you if you have a hard time understanding. She's understanding, pushes you at the perfect rate, not to hard but not easy either. The rate she pushes you at is perfect because the music she gives you, you will look at it and think you won't be able to do it, but she has givin it to you because she has FAITH and CONFIDENCE that you can do it. I feel that a teacher needs faith and confidence in you to succeed and that's something that Kristin has for sure! She also has an outrageous amount of skill and passion for music that I admire. I think Kristin is the obvious choice to be your teacher in music, after visiting her you will not believe what you can do, the skill you have, and the beautiful music you can create.