Policy Information:

Meet & Greet @ Studio (Free for New Families).

Registration = $50/student after the free meet & greet, or after taking a break.

Weekly private music sessions (currently piano lessons with music theory, and limited options for voice lessons) take place at the studio in the Boring 97009 area, very close to Sandy 97055.

  • 20 minutes weekly = $28/lesson/student
  • 30 minutes weekly = $39/lesson/student
  • 40 minutes weekly = $50/lesson/student
  • 50 minutes weekly = $61/lesson/student
  • 60 minutes weekly = $72/lesson/student

Payment Methods - checks, cash, bank bill pay, online through your account, directly through the emailed invoice each month, or zelle through your bank.

Invoice Due Date = 1st day of each month in advance. Late Fees = $30/family when the 2nd day of the month arrives - Sep 2, Oct 2, Nov 2, etc.

Music Books - stocked and invoiced as issued/needed (or) you may choose to purchase them online if preferred.

Discounts Available…

Contact Kristin for Details.

Pay in Advance for a Discount…

  • 3% off with 3 month advance payment.
  • 4% off with 4 month advance payment.
  • 5% off with 5 month advance payment.
  • 6% off with 6 month advance payment.
  • 7% off with 7 month advance payment.
  • 8% off with 8 month advance payment.
  • 9% off with 9 month advance payment.
  • 10% off with 10 month advance payment.
  • 11% off with 11 month advance payment.
  • 12% off with 12 month advance payment.

Thank You for Referrals - your family (while actively enrolled) will receive 1x $30 discount for each new family that you refer to the studio who officially enrolls in lessons. Thank you for sharing about lessons with your family, coworkers, neighbors, classmates, and friends! :)

Cancelation Policy…

Please cancel lessons when necessary, directly through the calendar in your account online.

I will always refund when I cancel. I’ll do my best to be as present as possible, and am grateful to you all for your patience and understanding and quick communication when I’ve had to cancel.

Please cancel your family’s scheduled lessons when anyone in your home or in close proximity to the student is sick, before the lesson’s start time. Those cancelations will be excused and the tuition for them will carry over automatically into the next billing cycle (when the cancelation reason is noted). Thank you for NOT coming to the studio when dealing with anything that could be contagious.

72 hours (3 days) advance notice directly through the studio online calendar in your account is required for cancelations for non-illness reasons, for the student’s scheduled time to be refunded. Please minimize “non-illness” cancelations and attend lessons whenever possible.

January 2024 Update:

If a sport, an extracurricular activity, or some kind of ongoing conflict is going to hinder your attendance at scheduled music lessons, please request a new “permanent” ongoing lesson day/time. If one isn’t available and you won’t be able to make it to your lessons (generally more than 1 conflict per month), I will move you to the waiting list and put your account on pause moving you to the waiting list (your lesson time will have to be offered to other waiting families). Unfortunately, I cannot hold lesson slots for families during ongoing schedule conflicts. I can keep you posted when it’s your turn if a spot opens up. I hope you come back when a suitable time becomes available! :) After a pause, resuming lessons will require a re-registration fee.

The information on this page is just an overview.

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any concerns or ongoing schedule conflicts - and please keep me updated if any of your important contact information changes. I’m looking forward to the wonderful times ahead in the studio! :)