Welcome to Small Town Music Lessons! My name is Kristin Phillips.  It is a privilege to meet every family, and I hope you'll give me the opportunity to be your piano, voice, or music theory teacher in the months and years ahead.  Feel free to contact me with any questions, and let me know if you'd like to set up a free interview to see the studio & discuss the future of music lessons for your family. On this page, you'll find some basic information and resources to get you started in lessons at the studio. We are a year-round studio focusing on private piano and music theory lessons with occasional major holiday breaks, performance opportunities, group activities, voice lessons for students when they’re ready. Students learn to play fantastic music quickly, developing foundations in an ear for the music and love for their piano right away. I'm looking forward to helping you reach your music goals as you embark on this exciting adventure into piano studies at Small Town Music Lessons!

New & Returning Students

Policies & Fees... 

  • Meet & Greet @ Studio or Online (Free)
  • Registration is $50/student after the free meet & greet, or after a break
  • Weekly private lessons @ Studio or Online (multiply by number of lessons on the studio calendar for the month... due by the 1st day of the month - Oct 1, Nov 1, Dec 1). Late fee is $30/family.
  • Recitals ($15/student) are available for students with a minimum of 3 months of lessons in the studio. More info available. We have wonderful recitals!
  • Music Books - invoiced as issued or you may choose to purchase them online if preferred.
  • 7 days’ notice through the calendar to refund one lesson per month for conflicts.
  • Referral Lesson Credits - spread the word about lessons, and let me know about it! One $30 credit per family successfully referred. Thank you! :)

Studio Lesson Lengths & Costs...

  • 20 minutes = $24/lesson/student
  • 30 minutes = $33/lesson/student
  • 40 minutes = $42/lesson/student
  • 50 minutes = $51/lesson/student
  • 60 minutes = $60/lesson/student

Some programs we utilize... Piano Pronto, Tonic Tutor, Sproutbeat, the Keyndergarten program, Supersonics (ipad app & online website & printed format), and many students subscribe individually to Piano Maestro... more details to come.

Each student uses a wide range of materials and resources to enjoy a thorough, interactive, and motivating lesson/practice experience. Most students learn to play music "hands together" very early into lessons (we don't use the slower "middle C" approach or "off staff" styles - we use accelerated music books and the progress shows!), play their music because they love it, and look forward to events & lessons & exploring the piano.

All students signup for weekly private music lessons, mainly in piano & music theory. Voice is also available to students established in the studio who are capable of accompanying themselves with their vocal repertoire & warmup exercises. Students use the calendar through their secure account to signup for special events and verify lesson times. They will also find helpful documents, a lending library of available music books, updated posts for studio eyes only, practice logs for tracking progress, billing information and invoices, a list of all future lessons, studio policies & updates, music coloring pages, sheet music downloads, and much more. Your account (following confirmation of your registration & an arranged free meet & greet time) can be accessed at... Login to My Account.

One of my goals is to build a community of friendship & interaction between studio families. Whether we're enjoying a music recital performance or weekly progress through lessons, I hope you'll make Small Town Music Lessons a place to enjoy learning and to experience steady progress surrounded by a tremendous group of amazing families and fellow musicians. On Facebook, I host a private group designed for sharing photos, stories, announcements, incentives, and much more. Joining requires approval, but feel free to request access now - and after we have met & established a lesson schedule, I'll make sure to get you started there too... Facebook Studio Group (Private).

As a 21st century music studio, I work hard to create an interactive, technologically supported environment. I was trained classically in piano & voice, and believe the dedication & diligence required should be encouraged as the rigid approach is enhanced to suit the individual student.  Students have the opportunity to compose songs/pieces and notate their creations by hand using manuscript notation paper or an iPad (I highly recommend all studio families invest in one, for the many fantastic music resources & educational apps). See your music come alive on the page as you play!  If your family uses smartphones or tablets of any kind at home, please let me know. I have lists of apps specifically designed to interest & teach students of every level, the skills they need in order to accelerate the learning process using all the senses.

I hope to someday hire an excited, dedicated full staff who feel as I do, to grow this studio and give the best music education we possibly can to as many students as possible. My main passion is in the teaching studio... engaging my students in their craft, encouraging musical exploration, and guiding their technical abilities as they discover how wonderful it is to play and sing the music they love. I hope we can meet soon. Testimonials Available on the Blog Page = Studio Testimonials.

Over the years, I have developed a studio blog (though it hasn't been a priority recently) at Studio Blog via Wordpress. Let me know if you'd like to write a guest article, and if you have ideas as I work to add more to it going forward. Thank you!

Consultation/Interview (FREE = no commitment required) for lessons at the Main Location...

  • Please fill out - Request a Free "Meet & Greet".
  • We'll schedule a short, informal piano lesson to assess the student's readiness and to ask one another questions.
  • If the “meet & greet” is successful, registration and book fees and the first month of tuition will be due prior to beginning lessons officially. 
  • We will then setup an official weekly lesson time and you will receive an access code via email for your secure online account.
  • If the lessons involve me traveling to you, the steps are different.
  • Welcome to the studio! :)