Annual Scheduling & Cancellation Policies...

  • NO refunds for any reason - except when Kristin cancels, or as part of the special summer policies.
  • Please handle all cancellations & makeup lessons directly through your account's secure calendar.
  • Cancel online through your account calendar with 12 hours notice = receive a reschedule point to use when an opening becomes available.
  • Cancel directly through Kristin/STML with 72 hours notice = receive a reschedule point to use when an opening becomes available.
  • Makeup points do NOT expire (for active students), nor do they reduce tuition due or the balance owed.  All fees are still due.
  • Your tuition holds your weekly lesson time, whether you choose to attend or not.  Lessons canceled with insufficient notice (as above) will be forfeited.
  • Please never come when you are ill - one unwell student can put lessons on hold for everyone if Kristin catches that illness. Sharing the piano among students means we all have the responsibility to stay away from the studio when unwell.
  • Lessons continue throughout the year on the same day @ the same time every week, unless a studio holiday is scheduled.
  • Missing lessons without notice more than once or paying tuition late two months in a row may result in loss of your lesson time and active status.
  • Please provide at least 2-4 weeks notice if you wish to discontinue your lessons – for closure & as a courtesy.

Canceling/Rescheduling Lessons... easier than ever!

No refunds for any reason, unless Kristin cancels your lesson, or for the special summer policy (see separate post).
12 hours notice = cancel directly through your studio calendar to receive a makeup lesson when one becomes available.
72 hours notice = choose a makeup lesson time on the calendar.
72 hours notice = cancel directly with Kristin to receive a makeup lesson when one becomes available.
Your makeup credits never expire - if you remain an active student.

If you stayed home from school/work due to illness in the family or would have if school or work would have been scheduled (Saturdays, holidays, etc), please do NOT come to your lesson.
If you are visibly sick (any of these - wet cough, fever, congestion, nausea, etc), you will be asked to return home to recover without entering the studio. I struggle with even simple colds - they almost always turn into something much worse.
I sanitize surfaces at the end of the day, but often don't have time between students - so you are protecting other students as well as your teacher by staying home, due to the fact that we all touch the same piano keys. One unwell student can have a wide-reaching influence - and may risk their spot in the studio if they try to hide their illness.
I will always cancel if I am unwell, and appreciate when families do the same.  :)