...STUDIO POLICIES (updated September 27, 2017)...
"always a work in progress"

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Welcome to Music Lessons!
September 2017 through August 2018

Small Town Music Lessons is a “year-round” 12-month studio with lessons taking place approximately 38-42 weeks each year, working around planned studio breaks. All students, to keep their time and remain actively enrolled, take lessons each scheduled week. See your account calendar for the most accurate information – dates & policies subject to change.

New Student Expenses...

  • Registration = $50/student, due at the free consultation.
  • Materials/Book Deposit = $100/student, due at the free consultation (every penny will be used for the books/materials you’ll keep).
  • Additional music books and materials will be invoiced as issued on an as-needed basis.

Return Student Expenses (account went inactive or they withdrew from lessons)...

  • Re-Registration = $50/student, due prior to the first return lesson.
  • Materials = invoiced individually as issued if you still have all previously issued music books.


  • 40 minutes each week = $30/lesson/student. Contact me if you’re interested in longer lessons.
  • Payments are due each month in advance by the 1st, based on the # of lessons on the studio calendar.
  • Late fees are automatically added after the 1st day of the month ($20/family) (Oct 2, Nov 2, etc).
  • Discounts available (ask for details)... 4 months (4% off), 8 months (8% off), or 12 months (12% off).
  • Online Card Processing Fee (3%). Bill Pay, Checks, and Cash have NO additional fee.

Recital Performances (retirement centers)...

  • $15/student/event – automatic registration 60-90 days in advance for students ages 6 through 21.
  • Cancel your participation at least 30 days in advance through the calendar for a refund.
  • Approximately 2 recitals per year. Details will be posted in your account and emailed directly.

NFMC/OFMC Festival...

  • Interested students who have reached at least Piano Pronto Movement 2 may participate in one of the greatest performance evaluation opportunity events of the year!

Cancelation/Reschedules/Refund Policy...

  • Tuition, Books & Material Costs, and Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason unless Kristin cancels or discontinues your lesson(s).
  • If you need to discontinue your lessons, please give as much notice as possible – a month is greatly appreciated.
  • Cancel individual lessons manually through your account calendar with at least 8 hours notice (this will change to 24 hours starting in January 2018) if the lesson is to be rescheduled for an opening displayed on your account calendar later.
  • Reschedule points expire automatically after 30 days if a future time is not first claimed (this will change to 60 days starting in January 2018) and reset to 0 every August 31st.
  • Reschedules are forfeited if canceled.
  • Lessons students cancel will become open times for other students to select as reschedules through their own account calendar.
  • We will reschedule lessons canceled due to inclement weather as quickly as possible.
  • Do NOT come to the studio if you’re unwell. There is a special last-minute reschedule exception for illness.

Assorted Notes...

  • Please leave food & gum in the car, remove shoes before the carpet, keep fingernails short, bring all your books, login often to your account for updates, and practice/complete your assignments daily.
  • Students may select a sticker to put on each assignment book page at the lessons upon request. :)
  • Referral Program (tell others about lessons!) = opportunities available to earn $30 Amazon gifts cards or credits on your own account.
  • Piano Pronto Method Books (main course & power pages) have a spiral binding added for an additional cost (+ $4).

Parent/Teacher/Student communication is vital. Contact me anytime with concerns, requests, or feedback and thank you for being fast with responses! Let me know if practice habits change. I’m here & happy to help between lessons too! :)

Thank you! ~ Kristin Phillips ~ Small Town Music Lessons ~ 503.780.5986